Publication Abstract

The Search for Extragalactic Lithium Hydride

D. N. Friedel, A. Kemball, and B. D. Fields

We have conducted Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-wave Astronomy observations of LiH, in absorption, toward three quasars. These quasars, B0218+357, PKS1830-211, and PKS0201+113, have redshifts of z = 0.685 - 3.387, and shift the LiH J = 1-0 transition to the 1 mm and 3 mm wavelength bands, where atmospheric absorption is sharply reduced from that predominating near the rest frequency of 443 GHz. We report a 3? detection of LiH toward B0218+357 with a column density of 1.4 1012 cm-2 and place an upper limit on the 6Li/7Li ratio of <0.16. LiH was not detected toward any other source.

Published in the The Astrophysical Journal, vol. 738

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