Publication Abstract

CARMA Observations of Large Organic Molecules in Orion-KL

Friedel, D. N. and Snyder, L. E.

We have conducted high resolution, Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-Wave Astronomy (CARMA), 1mm observations of organic molecules in the high mass star forming region Orion-KL. This region is known to have oxygen/nitrogen chemical differentiation and can tell us much about the processes that create these molecules in the interstellar medium.

We have observed a wide variety of molecular species (both O-bearing and N-bearing), including ethyl cyanide [C2H5CN], vinyl cyanide [C2H3CN], ethanol [C2H5OH], methanol [CH3OH], methyl formate [HCOOCH3] dimethyl ether [(CH3)2O], and acetone [(CH3)2CO] in order to study the chemistry of the regions. Our observations have shown that in Orion-KL the large N-bearing species are concentrated in small hot, dense clumps while most of the large O-bearing species are more widespread. An exception is (CH3)2CO, which is compact and only present in regions where both large N-bearing and O-bearing species are present. We present the results of these CARMA observations and their implications for astrochemistry.

Presented at the 211th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society, January 2008

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