Publication Abstract

Tracing the Bipolar Outflow from Orion Source I

Plambeck, R. L., Wright, M. C. H., Friedel, D. N., Widicus Weaver, S. L., Bolatto, A. D., Pound, M. W., Woody, D. P., Lamb, J. W., and Scott, S. L.

Using CARMA, we imaged the 87 GHz SiO v=0 J=2-1 line toward Orion-KL with 0.45 arcsec angular resolution. The maps indicate that radio source I drives a bipolar outflow into the surrounding molecular cloud along a NE--SW axis, in agreement with the model of Greenhill et al. (2004). The extended high velocity outflow from Orion-KL appears to be a continuation of this compact outflow. High velocity gas extends farthest along a NW--SE axis, suggesting that the outflow direction changes on time scales of a few hundred years.

Published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters, vol. 704, pp. L25

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