Publication Abstract

Molecular Outflows from Massive Protostars

Kim, K.-T., Churchwell, E., Friedel, D. N., and Sewilo, M.

We carried out high-resolution (~3") observations of 4 massive protostars in a bunch of molecular lines and 3~mm continuum using the BIMA array. Single compact (~2'), poorly collimated bipolar molecular outflows are seen in ,ow resolution (~30") single-dish maps of the 4 regions. But our BIMA array maps show multiple outflows in each region. The individual outflows have distinctly separated blue- and red-lobes and are better collimated than those seen in the single-dish maps. This result suggests that the poor collimation of massive molecular outflows shown by most previous single-dish studies may be caused by a combination of multiple outflows and/or low resolution. We will discuss the implications for massive star formation.

Presented at the 59th Ohio State Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy, June 2004

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