Orion Survey Spectra

Compact Ridge

Java 1.3 or better is required to see the spectra. Please go to http://java.sun.com to obtain the latest release of Java.

The spectra are presented with a java applet (Java version 1.3 or better is required). If you see a broken link above then your browser may not be Java enabled or Java is not installed on your machine (go to http://java.sun.com to obtain the latest release of Java). Note that the spectral data are large and may take a while to load.

The ordinate is Intensity (Jansky/beam) and the abscissa is Frequency in GHz. Use the scroll bar to scroll across all of the frequencies covered (80-115.9 GHz). Use the selector to change the range of intensities displayed.

The vertical dashed lines denote where a new corrilator window begins (roughly every 50 MHz) and the "I" bars denote the 1 sigma rms noise level of the respective window. Detected lines are denoted by vertical lines and are labeled with their species (or Uxx for an unidentified line at frequency xx GHz). Spectral lines that are not labeled originate from the Orion Hot Core and appear in these spectra due to the shape and orientation of the synthesized beam.